One Thousand and One Nights in Marrakech, Morocco

I love to travel and I don’t mind to travel alone. For my birthday this year I was looking for a trip to Marrakech, a place that – according to my friends who’ve been there – you love or you hate. No half measures.
I was searching for flights and Riads when KAYAK reached me out to be part of their #KAYAKHacksMarrakech campaign. Perfect timing!

DAY 1 – I left Milan early in the morning to land in Marrakech right after lunch. It was April and really hot and humid. The keyword is “negotiate” about everything. It’s not easy but it’s part of the Berber culture – so get used to it! A cup of mint tea at La Famille and then a visit to the Bahia Palace, a complex of beautiful buildings and gardens built in the late 19th century. I tried to visit the Saadian tombs but they were just closing to public when I arrived. So I stopped at an herbalist’s place where I learned more about how to mix and match herbs. Do you know rosemary, oregano, thyme and rose flowers together can let you lose up to 4 kg in 10 days? I don’t know if it’s true, but they say so…
Then I met Ahmed who told me more about his culture and Berber traditions and let me take a shot at sunset from his terrace.

DAY 2 – I was pretty tired the first night so I went to bed really early. A good idea because, even if I’m not a morning person, I woke up the day after when everyone was still sleeping and I crossed the city before they opened markets and no tourists were around. I walked from my Riad to Jardin Majorelle – let me say a bit overrated. That blue is incredible and I think I have some good shots in my film camera. Wish me luck when I develop the roll!
After that I tried to walk back to che city center but I met a guy who insisted a lot to lead me into a tannery. He said I was really lucky to experience that because it was the last day of work – I didn’t believe that but bravely I followed him anyway into that stinky place. They give you some mint in case the smell of the leather and some natural colors, like pigeon poop, is too strong.
Weirdly Marrakech reminds me a little bit of Bangkok. I took a cab and I had lunch at Mamounia, and guess what I got? A thai papaya salad!
Some shots around the area and finally off for some rest – did I say it was really hot? – a massage and dinner.

DAY 3 – Breakfast at Café des épices where I tried typical small sweets made with almonds. A visit to the Maison de la photographie, a really nice little museum where you can find some great shots of Marrakech and you can enjoy the city through the eyes of someone else. A stop at Le Jardin for a refreshing drink and I got lost into Norya ayroN shop and her beautiful textiles.
For lunch I had no doubts I wanted to try Nomad, everyone is talking about this restaurant with a beautiful view from its terrace. Between tagine and cous cous I said yes to a vegetarian pastilla, a traditional Moroccan pie stuffed with seasonal vegetables or meat.
The afternoon was all about relax and a special treatment at the riad. I stayed at Riad Les Boungainvilliers in the Medina. The location was perfect because I only used cabs a couple of times. Marrakech is pretty easy to walk, but keep your GPS on, save places in Google Maps so you know exactly where you are when exploring the city on your own.
This journey is in partnership with KAYAK and I’ve honestly found very useful the trip section in their app because it does exactly what I used to do for all my trips. It collects all the informations – flights, hotel and other stuff – in chronological order. Even if you made reservations from different sites, you just send an email to Kayak from the email address associated with you account… et voilà! Everything is there.

My experience in Morocco is also on my instagram feed.


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lauraOne Thousand and One Nights in Marrakech, Morocco