Lapland, peaceful Finland

I know, it took me a while to write this post about magic Lapland. I started writing this few weeks ago, but then everyday duties kept me away from just clicking publish.

Only two places in this world I visited so far gave me a real sense of inner peace: Hawai’i and Finland.

I was there at the end of January, a last second trip made possibile thanks to Marco from Mam Press and the wonderful team of Visit Finland – Virpi and my beloved Eva in primis. 

The most fascinating thing of this magic land is the light. Forget about winter, spring, summer and fall. Forget seasons as you know them, there are eight different ones in Lapland and I wish I can go back and spot contrasts between one and the others.

I used to wake up in the dark. Not because I’m an early morning person – I’m not! –  but during that time of the year sunrise is at 9.30am and the light is perfect till sunset at 4.30pm: that light every photographer is looking for! From warm tones in the morning to purple sky in the afternoon.

I was lucky because the weather was really nice and the high was only -15°C instead of -40°C for the season.

Day 1 – Our flight was from Milan to Kittilä via Helsinki. We left in the morning and landed at 7,30pm. A transfer to Olos and a warm dinner at Lapland Hotel Olos – with a private sauna inside the room!

Day 2 – Shower, breakfast, and with all my layers on, we went to Torassieppi, a very small village where I had one of the funniest Lappish experiences: a reindeer safari!
Lunch in the hut – a deer soup, of course – and then off for another safari with huskies. A very cold ride when I thought I was losing my hands and feet – you know, I’m from Sicily – but I survived.
And I’m glad I did because in the late afternoon we had the arctic sauna, and if you are wondering what arctic in this case means,well, it means avanto, the ice hole where you dip yourself in after some minutes in the hot sauna. Finnish people, that was great!!! For the very first time in my life I felt like a living Sicilian granita.
Then, after dinner some weird green lights appeared in the sky: the aurora was there playing it’s magic for us.

Day 3 – Off to Ylläsjärvi right after breakfast. A snowmobile excursion to the Lainio Snow Village, lunch and back to Lapland Hotel Saaga, dinner and some good live music at the Ylläs Jazz Blues Festival.

Day 4 – Imagine a forest skiing excursion in wonderland. What can you spot running in the snow? Alice’s white rabbit! We were totally amazed by the majesty of frozen lakes and that orange, huge, sun.
A once in a lifetime experience.
A walk with snowshoes in the afternoon and our last sauna of the trip in a place called Aurora Estate. A really nice bed and breakfast, cozy and welcoming. A very traditional smoke sauna, where they smoked the reindeer we had for dinner just few hours before our arrival. Food was incredibly good.

Day 5 – Sadly time to fly back. I wish I can enjoy more of Lapland and its magic lights again soon.
Take some notes because there is so much to do: if you have kids, if you are travelling with your partner or if you want to enjoy some time by yourself. It’s a relaxing and fascinating destination for everyone.

Finland is well connected with the world thanks to Finnair and you can book excursions and tours with Safartica or directly at your hotel.
See you soon Lapland, peaceful Finland. It’s always a pleasure.

You can also check the article I published on about this Lappish adventure.

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lauraLapland, peaceful Finland