Figs and Ricotta Bruschetta

1 ricotta + figs bruschetta
After several weeks of rain and thunderstorms we are now ready to enjoy light and easy to make dinners, to balance hot summer days.
Here the recipe for a quick snack, perfect from breakfast to dinner/after dinner: figs and ricotta bruschetta! – recipe at the end of the blog post.
2 ricotta + figs bruschetta
3 ricotta + figs bruschetta
4 ricotta + figs bruschetta
5 ricotta + figs bruschetta


Figs and ricotta bruschetta

10 minutes, for two people

– rye bread
– figs
– 100 gr fresh ricotta cheese
– maple syrup or honey
– chopped pistachios

Cut bread into slices. Spread some ricotta cheese. Add sliced ​​figs. Sprinkle with maple syrup/honey and chopped pistachios.

– Enjoy!

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lauraFigs and Ricotta Bruschetta